The secret of nature is to create tangible pure cosmetics

Seal of luxury natural cosmetic by Jasha

We thought about presenting our customers with a very special highlight of nature. We have packed our care, which is purely natural and natural, with valuable ingredients in a luxurious design. Each recipe of the product series are unique compositions in the development of the Jasha brand at Sharon Janz.
Selected and selected oils and active ingredients as well as many USPs are part of the special care products that are developed with over 22 ingredients per product for the skin aging stages.

Valuable minerals for skin care are achieved through the use of pure, untouched glacier water. The pure natural cosmetic products contain selected and selected oils such as marula oil, cranberry seed oil, cuckoo flower oil and much more. includes. These are particularly responsible for the regeneration and support of the skin due to their vitamins, natural UV protection and anti-aging effects. The use of fruit powder or vegetable powder in the creams is anti-inflammatory, vitalizing and brings an important factor. These started care products are required by purely natural essential oils and give each natural cosmetic product its own flair. A natural preservation system was specially developed for these clean beauty products and a patent pending. Dermatologically tested, our pure natural cosmetic series can also be used for sensitive skin and skin prone to allergies.

In the airless dispenser with folding box, the products always have the advantage of offering a fresh product stroke without contamination and easy to dose. In addition, we guarantee a 99% emptying of the primary packaging.

Why did we list a lot about the product? Every customer should be able to enjoy nature through our care products and perceive noticeable improvements in a short time.


Briefly summarized:

    - vegan

    - cruelty-free

    - 100% natural cosmetics without chemicals and synthetic additivese

    - dermatologically tested (also suitable for sensitive skin)

    - Clean Beauty

    - No parabens, silicones and PEGs

    - High quality ingredients (controlled organic cultivation, Ecocert, cold pressed, native)

    - we only work with selected German suppliers

    - 99% emptying of the contents (airless dispenser)