What could be better for your skin than pure nature?

Jasha represents a completely new approach to caring for your skin. Our creams are made entirely of purely natural plant- and mineral-based ingredients, allowing you to care for your skin with products that are completely free from artificial aromas, vitamin imitations and other chemical substances.

It's a great feeling when you know that your skin no longer has to come into contact with anything artificial. You initially experience a different sensation. And each product has a different effect depending on the composition you use. Could this be the skincare range you've always dreamed of?

If Jasha is luxury, then it's a luxury that makes your skin happy
Your skin is alive. It does a lot of important things. And it is subject to a lot of stresses. Which is why, at Jasha, we believe that every cream you use to care for your skin should be free from harmful substances and chemicals. Whatever you put on your skin should be good for it; it should protect and soothe it. And have such a beneficial, invigorating effect that you always show your best face to the world. Which is why, at Jasha, we only use totally natural ingredients in our creams – just as they are found in nature.

Our ingredients are what make Jasha products so special
At Jasha, we draw on years – and in some cases centuries – of experience with plant-based ingredients and combine this with the latest scientific research. As a result, every cream has its own, exclusive recipe, designed specifically for the different phases of the skin's life and the specific function that each product targets.

We exclusively process natural, unadulterated substances, often sourced from rare plants such as marula, jiaogulan, konjac, candelilla and many more. To ensure the silky-smooth consistency, we also use 100% nitrite- and pollutant-free glacier water. So you can be sure that your skin is getting the unadulterated benefits of these valuable ingredients without any adverse molecular-chemical reactions.

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What cream is right for you? Your skin changes over the years. The amount of collagen fibre decreases, and the skin gets thinner. This is why we offer a range for younger skin and a range for skin for individuals aged around 40 and above.

We use different colours to highlight each range. We've developed our orange "Woman Young Skin" range for younger skin. For more mature skin, we recommend our red "Woman Mature Skin" range.

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Jasha Young Skin

Our day cream, night cream and hand cream products for younger skin are specially formulated for delicate young skin from around 25 years and older. At this age, your skin can still effectively regenerate. However, it often reacts very rapidly to artificial substances and the smallest environmental factors as well as stress and psychological strain. The ingredients in Jasha YOUNG SKIN help youthful skin to look its best and be as radiantly clear as possible...

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Jasha Mature Skin

The skin's structure changes over time. This is why we offer a day cream, night cream and hand cream for skin aged around 40 and older. Each product is specifically tailored to the needs of more mature skin, which include sun protection, regeneration and an attractive complexion. The creams in Jasha's MATURE SKIN collection help protect your skin from external ageing factors and also help it retain its natural elasticity. The creams also allow you to keep adding to your skin's naturally beautiful, refined radiance...

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