The brand "Jasha by Sharon Janz" - high quality pure natural cosmetics

We do not differentiate our care products into dry, oily or combination skin, but into skin ages.

The Women series YOUNG SKIN presents itself in a fresh orange design and is for the skin age 25-40 years. For the age of the skin from 40 you can find the MATURE SKIN series with the design in a warm red color.

In the SPA series, the products show themselves in subtle green symbols.

The colored symbols help with the daily care routine and always make it easier to choose the right product.
Our aim is to develop clean beauty products with selected natural ingredients for the care of young and mature skin as well as sensitive skin.

Natural oils, active ingredients and ethereal fragrances in organic quality and Ecocert are the basis of our natural cosmetic line.
The philosophy of our brand is based on vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics.



Labels vegan, 100% natural, dermatologically tested & Made in Germany

Rainforest protection is important

We support the work of OroVerde

OroVerde - translated from Spanish means "green gold". The tropical rainforests are meant. They extend as a green, living band along the equator. OroVerde has been committed to protecting this special treasure for over 30 years: the foundation develops, finances and tests innovative tropical forest protection projects in Asia, Central and South America. OroVerde combines tropical forest protection with development aid, which is exactly what makes the foundation's work so successful. Because poverty is one of the most important drivers of forest destruction. Together with the local people, OroVerde reforests rainforest, establishes protected areas and develops alternative and forest-friendly sources of income.
OroVerde is also active in Europe: environmental education in schools and consumer information raise awareness of the links between consumption and the rainforest. OroVerde handles donations responsibly: OroVerde has been the DZI donation seal since 2015 as one of the first environmental organizations in Germany. We support the work of OroVerde and ensure that the precious rainforest is protected.


Certificate donation Oro Verde



Regenwald-Schutz, Rainforest protection



You can help us:

They buy Jasha care products and thus support the protection of the rainforest.
We then donate to OroVerde several times a year and let you know.