Our philosophy
100% natural substances and nothing else

Many people underestimate the vital importance of our skin. It breathes. It is a sensory organ. It repels external factors, regulates our body temperature and carries out vital protective functions. So we should only use natural substances to care for our skin and keep it away from unnatural materials.

As such, Jasha is fully committed to the concept of 100% natural skincare. This why we develop products that only contain unadulterated, natural substances, each one made up of its own innovative formulation.

We are committed to going above and beyond German and European regulations on cosmetic products and never use artificial substances or aromas in any of our products nor any "nature-identical" imitations or other chemically manufactured molecules.

With Jasha, you can be sure that your skin will only come into contact with substances in as natural a state as they are in nature.

We believe  that in order to protect the skin's natural functions, we should not subject it to additional stresses from artificial ingredients that could irritate or impair it further. Nature provides us with enough ideal substances and ingredients that are good for our skin and help keep it fit every day, enabling it to cope with the many stresses and strains of modern life. We strongly believe that  natural skincare is the best way to look after your skin.

This why we do what we do. We continually check the quality of our substances and collaborate exclusively with trusted partners who also share our philosophy.
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