frequently asked questions

Purely natural ingredients, active ingredients and essential oils in connection with pure glacier water make our natural cosmetics. We select all ingredients according to organic quality and Ecocert.

Yes! The products are dermatologically tested and can be used even on sensitive skin as well as skin prone to allergies.

We have developed a new kind of preservation system on a purely natural basis that we have registered for a patent. It extends the shelf life of our natural products without any chemicals.

No! No parabens are included. We also do not use artificial flavors, vitamins, synthetic enzymes or glycerins.

The allergens shown in the ingredients are naturally contained in the essential oils.

Natural care products are never pure white. The valuable ingredients are reflected in the slightly colored products. If stains appear on textiles during use, they can be easily washed out with soap and water.

The products are pure natural products, which can vary slightly in smell, consistency or color depending on the batch. These fluctuations are due to the natural ingredients and do not reduce the quality of the product.

This can happen with natural products that consciously do without artificial additives. If this occurs, simply shake the product a little.

Yes! The products do not contain any materials of animal origin.

The products are very economical, you only need about a hazelnut-sized amount for daily care. In addition, the products in the airless dispenser guarantee 99% emptying.

Yes! The face cream can also be applied to other parts of the body. Since these products are also suitable for sensitive skin, they can also be used around the eyes.

Very good, normal make-up does not affect the care effect. However, we recommend that you give your skin some time after applying the cream to allow the facial care products to work and be absorbed.