FAQs - A few questions
that we sometimes get asked

Here you'll find answers to some of the questions you might have. If you can't find your question about our products here, simply get in touch with us. We usually answer within 24 hours.

At Jasha, we are committed to making extremely natural creams. They only contain lovingly chosen ingredients just as they occur in nature – without any synthetic or chemical substances. We only buy products of the highest organic quality from certifiable origins. We use pure glacier water in our creams to keep them moist and smooth. This eliminates the risk of any indirect environmental pollutants entering our products. We process all of these valuable ingredients in as gentle and natural a way as possible so that no changes occur to the molecular structures.

Yes. We commissioned an external institute to thoroughly test our creams on different skin types and also on women who usually experience allergic reactions or skin irritations. The result was that none of the individuals in the test experienced any adverse or allergic reactions. As a result, the institute gave Jasha's products the rating "harmless" without any restrictions. We are also not aware of any complaints to date with our products. Please use our contact function to tell us about your experiences. We'd love to hear from you!

No. We have developed a new preservation system based entirely on natural processes and have applied for a patent for this. It extends the shelf life of our creams without using any chemicals.

No. Our creams do not contain any parabens nor any artificial aromas, artificial vitamins, synthetic enzymes, glycerin or synthetic preservatives.

The allergens in Jasha creams are naturally present in the essential oils. They do not come from an artificial source. In the dermatological skin compatibility tests that we carried out in 2019, none of the test subjects experienced an allergic reaction. We have also not received any information to date about incidents of this kind.

Natural creams are never pure white. The pastel colours are caused by the valuable ingredients. As with any cream, they may leave marks on textiles. However, these can be easily washed out by hand or in a washing machine.

Yes. The creams are natural products and the fragrance, consistency and colour may change slightly from one batch to the next. These fluctuations are caused by the natural ingredients and do not in any way lessen the quality of the product.

This is normal for a cream that has been specifically made without artificial substances as these would normally prevent such changes in consistency. If you see this on your product, simply give it a quick shake.

Yes. Our products do not contain any material of animal origin.

They are packaged in airless dispensers with folding boxes and a fill volume of 50 ml.

Airless dispensers have multiple benefits. They are sealed pump dispensers, which means that the contents cannot be contaminated by air or microbes. This means that fewer preservatives are required, which also means that the skin is exposed to fewer artificial substances. You can measure out exact doses and the bottle can be almost completely emptied.

Because they protect Jasha's 100% natural creams from light, air and contamination. This ensures that the natural products are well preserved.

Our creams last a long time. You only need one drop approximately the size of a hazelnut for your daily facial skincare. 50 ml of our face creams will last you for 3-4 months if used on a daily basis. If there is still cream on your face after the time it usually takes for it to be absorbed, you may have used a bit too much cream.

Absolutely. There's no reason why you shouldn't. If you have very sensitive eyes, you may have to make sure that you do not apply the cream too close to the tear ducts.

Yes. The creams also have a nurturing effect that is good for other parts of the body, especially areas where your skin is exposed to light, air and the environment.

Very compatible. Normal makeup does not impact the nurturing effect on your skin. However, you should leave a certain amount of time after applying the cream to allow it to take effect and be absorbed. After this, you can start applying your makeup.

Before we started selling our products, we made sure they were officially inspected and approved. In addition to this, we continually monitor the pure, natural quality of all ingredients and carry out appropriate checks.