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Your skin lives, breathes and feels. It absorbs some substances and repels others. Every day, numerous metabolic processes take place in our skin. Cells are continually created and broken down. However, your skin is also the delicate outer layer of your body and so it is continually under attack from different environmental factors and must therefore be able to defend itself. Your skin does so much for you. So it deserves to be beautifully cared for using natural products.

We currently offer two ranges – one for young skin and one for more mature skin. We use different colours to highlight each range. We've developed our orange "Woman Young Skin" range for younger skin. For more mature skin, we recommend our red "Woman Mature Skin" range. These delicate colours with their pastel shades symbolise the colours of nature and the very light colours typical for Jasha creams. The colour of each cream comes exclusively from the high-quality natural ingredients.


Orange circle: The day cream for young skin comprises a well-rounded formulation of beneficial substances that strengthen your skin and supply it with fresh moisture for the whole day. The cream is light yellow. It has a delicate scent of fruit and exotic flowers that goes well with any perfume or eau de toilette.


Orange triangle: The night cream for young skin is tailored to the special needs of young adults aged between 25 and 40. At this age, skin often reacts sensitively or becomes irritated when under attack from aggressive substances or microbacterial deposits. The valuable ingredients cause the colour of the cream to change between delicate pink and light violet. It has a delicate, fruity fragrance that is warm and very feminine.


Orange square: The hand cream is ideal for active young hands with delicate skin that is subject to lots of stresses, including microbacterial factors, the whole day through. The cream helps hands stay soft and smooth. It is light green and has an aromatic fragrance with a rosy note.


Red circle: This day skincare cream for over-40s offers much more than basic moisturising care. The recipe was designed with the utmost of care to ensure mature skin feels great for the whole day. The cream gets its delicate yellow colour from its rich ingredients. Its warming scent is somewhat aromatic with a rosy note and is so restrained that it harmonises with any perfume or eau de toilette.


Red triangle: This night cream is ideal for the specific needs of more mature skin, promoting regeneration and cell renewal and optimising the skin's natural moisture. The carefully selected phytogenic ingredients give the cream a pastel hue between delicate rose and violet. The subtle fragrance has a delicate flowery undertone with feminine notes.


Red square: This hand cream is ideal for your hands even before the first signs of ageing start to show. The cream renews the smoothness of your skin and helps prevent age spots. The cream is a delicate light green colour and has a warm, harmonising and subtle fragrance.