JASHA is passion for quality

At Jasha, we are guided by a clearly defined inner belief. The overall quality and purity of our creams and the unique effect they have on your skin are top priorities for us. They are the core principles that guide us in everything we do and everything we plan to do. Our commitment to ensuring our products are 100% natural defines every step in the development and production of our skincare creams.

All of our products are manufactured in Germany in line with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. We carry out our own in-process checks, laboratory tests and other controls to ensure quality or request that these measures are carried out by third parties.

When it comes to procuring natural raw materials, we work exclusively with trusted German partners in the industry who share our passion for quality. Our selection process is based on a simple principle: We only use the purest materials (e.g. with the Ecocert seal of approval or from certified organic cultivation).

JASHA is 100% natural,
100% free from artificial ingredients

Jasha is driven by the ideas of its dedicated founder Sharon Janz.
After studying chemistry, Sharon Janz worked for a while at a medium-sized cosmetics manufacturer. She experienced how cosmetics are developed and manufactured on an industrial scale today and started to think about producing completely natural cosmetics.
She left the company in 2017 to focus on her vision of creating a 100% natural skincare range compatible with all skin types. To this end, she started to train as a medically certified cosmetics specialist (Fachkosmetikerin) and focused intensively on numerous dermatological and biochemical studies and specialist research. Here she discovered new ways for creating highly effective skincare creams based exclusively on natural substances.
Jasha's recipes are true innovations. They have never been used before. This work was followed by months of intensive trials, microbial checks and carefully documented tests. At the same time, Sharon Janz started working with Astrid Janz to build relationships with partners, until she founded Jasha GmbH in November 2018.

JASHA is real luxury
at an affordable price

Sharon Janz is the sole proprietor of Jasha GmbH. This position ensures that she never has to make any comprises with regard to quality and the company's goals.

Jasha's organisation also includes reliable partners and a dedicated team, with her mother Astrid Janz acting as authorised representative. In terms of quality, the products are on a par with luxury items. In fact they could even be seen as better due to the absolute natural purity of their premium, nutrient-rich ingredients.

Regardless of this, we position our products in the medium price segment in specialist stores to enable as many customers as possible to experience truly natural skincare.

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